Miltel has a plan for OEM’s and product resellers who desire to private label Miltel products, as well as a program for the development and manufacture of custom systems. For example, Miltel manufactures, on an OEM basis, a complete sub-system for remote data collection in a comprehensive crop management system installed in more than twenty countries around the world. Miltel has also manufactured private label AMR/AMI systems for a major water meter manufacturer, and for a sub-metering solution provider. One of the custom solutions designed and manufactured by Miltel includes an asset management data collection system for a manufactured housing manufacturer with on-consignment inventory in more than 100 locations. Descriptions of these and other solutions can be found under ­case studies.


Should your organization be seeking an OEM or private label relationship, or find yourselves in the need for a custom solution for remote data collection, please complete the information on the contact us web page.